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  1. that is so true




  2. true freedom is never free

  3. You have inspired me so much, everyone thinks Im makig a bad choice by wantig to become a marine, but nothig will change my mind!

  4. jrotc on here i want to be a marine to and it is so true what you just said oooorah

  5. Very inspiring to say and march or jog at the same time.

  6. And this is why I’m enlisting. Only about 1 month to go! OOORAH

  7. Everyone makes fun of me for wanting to join the marine, my parents are even saying no bit nothing will EVER change my mind. I was born a marine ill die a marine



  9. i’m only 13 and already decided to be a marine

  10. Lo righty left right lo right! Semper Fidelis! In mos school now… lovin every minute! 3521!

  11. I’m 13. Ever since I was 10 I have wanted to join. people think it’s pointless but in my heart it is the great achievement. I want to fight for my country and help my brothers who would help me in combat. Anyone who wants to follow this great dream. Good luck, I’m on my way. Summer fi.

    • Logan, im engaged to a marine right now, and it’s a good thing you have a couple more years of school to go so you can learn more about the marines becasue its not Summer Fi, its Semper Fi.. Semper Fidelis is Latin for “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal”. it is also well known in the United States as the motto of the United States Marine Corps (and often shortened to Semper Fi in Marine contexts), Semper Fidelis has served as a slogan for many families and entities, in many countries, they have been dated to have been started no later than the 16th century.
      There is nothing in the Marine Corps called Summer Fi. Its Semper Fi. im not trying to embarace you, im trying to keep you from it when you join the Marines and officially sign your papers. I Don’t think you want to walk around and Say Summer Fi instead of Semper Fi. i know personally that it would offend my fiance and everything hes fighting for. maybe many others as well.

  12. Looking for marines I served with Kaneheo bay Hi 97 -00